Hydraulic lift­ing devices of the ECO-Jack CR-Series are char­ac­ter­ized by

  • the patent­ed lift­ing claw. It ensures a safe lift­ing of the load and can be adjust­ed with one hand with­out tilt­ing move­ment.
  • a min­i­mal self-weight. Improved con­struc­tion and high-qual­i­ty mate­r­i­al have reduced weight by up to 20% com­pared to sim­i­lar devices.
  • Pre­ci­sion milled guides made of high resis­tant and high qual­i­ty mate­r­i­al that guar­an­tee pre­cise lift­ing and low­er­ing move­ments and a long ser­vice life.
  • a pump unit which can be swiveled by approx. 225°. It allows the full pump stroke from any posi­tion.
  • a fine­ly dosed release valve, with which the load can be low­ered pre­cise­ly and the low­er­ing speed can be pre­cise­ly con­trolled.
  • strong swivel­ing legs to secure the load to be lift­ed. Tilt­ing of the machine lifter is pre­vent­ed.
  • an exter­nal hose cou­pler with the SX-CR type. Exter­nal pumps can be con­nect­ed with the drip-free hydraulic nip­ple.
  • side-mount­ed han­dles that allow full stroke move­ment of the 225º rotat­able pump unit from all posi­tions. The han­dles are not over at the top and do not need to be removed when the top plate is used for lift­ing.

For all areas of appli­ca­tion in which the stan­dard range is insuf­fi­cient, we design spe­cial solu­tions that are indi­vid­u­al­ly tai­lored to the cus­tomer needs.



Traglast (kg) 3000
Arbeitsdruck (bar) 520
Ansetzhöhe (mm) 12
Verstellbarkeit (mm) 5 x 46
Hubhöhe (mm) 140
Maße (mm) 198 x 207 x 250
Gewicht (kg) 15


Traglast (kg) 6000
Arbeitsdruck (bar) 520
Ansetzhöhe (mm) 15
Verstellbarkeit (mm) 4 x 58
Hubhöhe (mm) 140
Maße (mm) 216 x 228 x 252
Gewicht (kg) 19


Traglast (kg) 10000
Arbeitsdruck (bar) 520
Ansetzhöhe (mm) 20
Verstellbarkeit (mm) 3 x 75
Hubhöhe (mm) 140
Maße (mm) 271 x 277 x 250
Gewicht (kg) 28