The following distin­guishes the transport trolleys of the ECO-Skate® eMotion 40H series:

  • Compact design with small external dimen­sions
  • Fully integrated hydraulic lifting system
  • Flexible pick-up and the possi­bility to take out a machine of production line when needed
  • Easy steering and perfect straight drive by direct propor­tional control with Single-Joystick control
  • Powerful digitally controlled Syncron motors
  • Combinable with all under­car­riages of the ECO-Skate® XL series
  • Ideal for use in confined spaces, as the towing vehicle is not required

ECO-Skate eMotion 40H

eMotion 40H

Article Number
Max Load: Load Areas x Max Load
20000 kg
Load Area Diameter
Ø 150 mm
Dimensions: Length x Width x Height
1414 x 1146 x 180 mm
8 Stk.
Wheel Size: Outer Diameter x Width / Bearing Diameter
Ø 140 x 85 / Ø 30 mm
325 kg