Remote controlled, battery powered POWER-Skate

The following distin­guishes the POWER-Skate:

  • Compact design with small external dimen­sions
  • Simple steering with only one joystick
  • Powerful digitally controlled engines
  • Any existing XL-series can be combined
  • Ideal for appli­ca­tions when space is narrow (no need for pull means)


All POWER-Skate load moving skates are supplied with a charger that matches the battery size, which comes together with the radio remote control and the charger for the radio remote control in a plastic box in which all parts can be safely stored and trans­ported. HTS also offers a quick charge option that allows the battery to be charged to 85% of its capacity within an hour. If the battery is not recharged in time, this charger can also operate the POWER-Skate under full load.