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  • 2020

    Our subsidiary in the USA brought us to CONEXPO in Las Vegas, the smaller brother of Bauma in Munich, for the first time in the Corona year. We were able to draw the attention of many customers to the POWER-Skate powered load moving skates and our complete range of machine jacks.

    We used the time to optimise internal processes and to work on our internal quality assurance processes. As always, we took small measures on the products to help our customers use them even better.

  • 2019

    Presentation of the all new battery powered POWER-Skate IDEAL 5-10 load moving system with a completely new digital POWER-Skate control, the POWER-Skate Control PSC5 as a project for the future. The control system will later be used as a technology carrier for other POWER-Skate load skates. The load moving system will be more compact and, above all, lighter and, at only 110mm, significantly lower than anything the machine transport world has seen so far in powered load moving skates.

    In addition to the smaller eMotins version, we have also introduced the completely new POWER-Skate XL 20-40 H with integrated hydraulic lifting cylinder. We have succeeded in maintaining the compact external dimensions of the POWER-Skate XL 20-40 and accommodating the hydraulic unit and cylinder and all other components within the frame. We also presented the new POWER-Skate Remote DUO control system, which allows two powered skates to work together at the same time. Another highlight.

  • 2018

    Trade shows: CeMAT, Hannover

  • 2017

    In 2017, we received the certificate for our company with the introduction of a quality management system according to DIN ISO 9001:2015. Years before, we started restructuring our family business with the aim of optimising all our processes, still Swabian but with regard to international standards. This certificate now also demonstrates our performance to the outside world, which is shown in well thought-out equipment for internal heavy-duty transport and is appreciated all over the world.

  • 2016

    HTS Direct LLC is founded as the new distribution partner in the United States of America. We expand our distribution network to Grand Rapids, Michigan, USA to further provide our customers expectations and offer the same distribution services.

    Tradeshows: BAUMA, Munich, CeMAT, Hannover and AMB, Stuttgart

  • 2015

    Tradeshows: LogiMAT, Stuttgart and HUSUMwind, Husum

  • 2014

    Introducing the next generation POWER-Skate XL 20-40. Moves load capacities independently without any pushing or pulling devices in an all new design.

    The state of the art electric engines and radio remote control unit are handled easily to minimise mistakes by the user.

    Tradeshows: CeMAT, Hannover and WindEnergy Hamburg

  • 2013

    Tradeshows: K, Dusseldorf

  • 2012

    HTS installs new engineering and ERP software and invests in the expansion of production area and storage facilities.

    We welcome new colleagues in our staff.

    Special solutions are delivered to customers: a DUO-Skate with modular capacities for moving different machines or ROTO-Skates equipped with a pressure block for synchronized lifting for maintenance applications.

    The WKA-Box is very popular and becomes a standard for the users of the WKA-Systems.

    Tradeshows: HUSUMwindenergy, Husum

  • 2011

    Introducing the ECO-Skate BIG series with load capacities up to 220 tonnes.

    An extended warranty of 5 years in total can be claimed for the ECO-Jack machine jacks. The only prerequisite for this is regular UVV inspections and registration of the respective devices.

    More customers use the WKA-System to be faster in tower mounting and feeding the grid.

    Trade fair participations: CeMAT, Hanover

    New sales partners in the Czech Republic and Slovenia.

  • 2010

    We took over the distributorship for Gruniverpal Tranchero Cranes and Mold Handling Equipment which are very compact built with high lifting capacities in the working area compared with other cranes.

    Tradeshows we attend: HUSUMwindenergy, Husum and K, Duesseldorf.

    We will continue to grow and extend our distribution network in Europe and world wide.

    HTS direkt AG was established as an independent office in Switzerland.

  • 2009

    Throughout 2009 we made it our priority to improve our already impeccable quality standards. A new quality management system according to ISO9001:2008 was introduced and all systems were aligned for a new ERP as well as CRM software.

    We expanded our warehouse in order to reduce delivery times.

    During the global economic crisis we created many various special solutions for our customers.

    We also announced new distributors in Korea, Israel and the Netherlands.

  • 2008

    We celebrated the 10th anniversary of HTS in Germany.

    To strengthen our production in Germany we purchased another new CNC milling center while simultaneously expanding the production area.
    The now patented WKA-System is used to assemble around one in six wind turbines worldwide.
    The HTS FS system prevents confusion by colour-coding the screws and thus contributes even more to safe use.
    A transport and storage box ensures that all parts of the WKA-System, including accessories, stay together.

    Tradeshows we attended CeMAT, Hannover and HUSUMwindenergy, Husum.

    New distribution partners in Sweden, France and Brasil.

  • 2007

    Always committed to improving our production levels, we purchased a CNC milling machine. We added to our range of available products including the 360-degree ECO-Skate ROTO-Skates with the iR32 and 3.2-tonne capacity.

    We were delighted to announce the launch of the new ACTEK ball-bearing URL-Series.

    Our products were featured at HUSUMwind, Husum.

    We announced a new partnership with a Danish distributor.

  • 2006

    Our ECO-Jack G-Series was expanded with a brand new model featuring a 10-tonne capacity (the EJ100-3G).

    Moving capacities were also increased for the ECO-Skate DUO XL skates from 32 up to 128 tonnes.

  • 2005

    We doubled our production space and purchased a 3-station cutting-edge welding robot.

    With larger warehouse space we started to stock the new ECO-Skate i-Series XL with both the iX40L and the iX40S models.

    World Premiere: First introduction of a revolution in the load moving industry. Our first model of the POWER-Skate XL 20-40 was presented on the CeMAT in Hanover.

    This year we attended CeMAT, Hannover and HUSUMwind, Husum.

  • 2003

    This year marked the founding of independent distribution company HTS Direct Ltd in the UK.

    2003 also signalled a number of additions to our products. Our load-moving skates were rebranded to ECO-Skates and our range of skates with four points grew as we began to stock the ECO-Skate DUO.

    We also added the iX16L and the iX16S to the i-Series XL. 360-degree ROTO-Skates were introduced to our products as well as the nickel plated CR-Series with nylon wheels.

    For the UK market we extended our product range with the new ECO-Jack C-Series („the Conqueror“) as well as the ECO-Skate CS-Series (Caterpillar Skates).

    Tradeshows we featured: HIREX@SED, England and HUSUMwind, Husum.

    New distribution partner in the UK.

  • 2002

    This year saw the launch of new ACTEK hoist rings. We also presented the WKA-System for safely and quickly assembling tower segments of wind turbines.

    We were proud to display the brand new 50-tonne EJ500-3XR as the largest model of the ECO-Jack XR-series.

    Tradeshows: Hannover Messe Fair (CeMAT)

    We announced new distributors in Turkey and France.

  • 2001

    Naming of the load moving skates to ECO-Jack TF.

    Further development of lifting equipment for the erection of wind turbines, later known as the WKA system.

    Progressive developments in the load moving systems and the production facility.

    New sales partners in Spain and Italy.

  • 2000

    First participation in the Hanover Trade Fair (CeMAT).

    Exhibition of the complete standard product range of machine jacks and transport load moving systems.
    Presentation of the ECO-Jack machine jack up to 25 tonnes load capacity (patent pending).
    Presentation of the complete trade programme of ACTEK - hoist rings made in the USA with lifting capacities of up to 44.6 tonnes, which HTS distributes throughout Europe.

    The first contact with the wind energy industry is made and the later WKA system is developed in its first form.

  • 1999

    Further development of the load moving skates with capacities up to 24 tonnes.

    We developed three different models of toe jacks with capacities of up to 10 tonnes.

  • 1998

    A significant year. HTS Hydraulische Transportsysteme GmbH was founded.

  • 1970-1998

    Karl Koch, father of the company founders Stefan and Michael Koch, specialized in machinery moving and created a steel-wheeled skate system with a 30-tonne capacity for use in heavy-duty areas. His innovative work was carried forward by his sons, who became a driving force in the heavy-load-moving industry.