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    ** Consent to the use of data and privacy policy
    We take the protection of your personal data and their confi­dential treatment very seriously. With these privacy notices, we’d like to let you know when we save what data and how we use it.

    I would like to be informed about new products, events and offers from HTS in the future. Therefore, I agree that my data given here are managed and stored by HTS GmbH in a central database. In addition, I agree that HTS GmbH, HTS Direct Limited, HTS direkt AG and HTS direct, LLC as well as — in whose name and order — commis­sioned service providers merge this data with other data from HTS GmbH.
    In addition, I agree that the above companies may use and contact me for these purposes (including telephone numbers and e‑mail) for individual customer and prospect care, customer satis­faction surveys, and product or product-related services infor­mation from HTS.

    I can revoke a given consent at any time with a short message to

    Hydraulische Trans­port­systeme GmbH
    Ringstr. 28
    D — 70736 Fellbach
    Tel: +49 711 3426679–0
    Fax: +49 711 3426679–99
    Mail: info@​hts-​direkt.​de