ACTEK® Hoist rings

Outstanding features of different series are the high safety factor of up to 5:1, that some swivel 360° and pivot 180°.Each hoist ring is heat treated and 100% magnetic particle inspected as well as 200% proof load tested. In addition they are tested from independent labora­tories and each hoist rings has its own serial number for better trace­ability for safety inspections.The areas where hoist rings can be used is wide and includes all indus­tries where machines, tools, dies, containers and more have to be lifted for production, mounting, or inspection. A special hoist ring device is the patented WKA-System for the assembly of tower segments of wind turbines where whole tower families from one or more manufac­turers can be lifted and assembled with only 6 hoisting points.

User Manual

Here you can download the operating instruc­tions for ACTEK hoist rings SHR Series, SHRZ Series, HD Series and SSHR Series:
Download (PDF)