Rotational skates | HTS | the load moving experts

The following distin­guishes the rotating trolleys of the ECO-Skate ROTO (NY) series:

  • 360° rotatableOptimal positioning accuracy in the smallest space
  • CombinableAll Skates of the ROTO series can be combined with each other and with trolleys of the IDEAL or DUO series. The total load results from the sum of the individual load capac­ities.
  • HTS nylon wheelsAll Skates come standard with HTS nylon wheels, which have very low rolling resis­tance. They are made of solid material and not produced by injection molding. As a result, they are partic­u­larly high quality and resistant to abrasion. The very high payloads that result from this can never be achieved with rolls of conven­tional nylon tubes. HTS nylon wheels can also be ordered separately.
  • Pulling and alignment barsThe load moving skates of the ROTO series can be delivered in the LS version with a variety of pulling and alignment bars. Special lengths on request.

For all areas of appli­cation in which the standard range from the standard range is insuf­fi­cient, we design special solutions that are individ­ually tailored to the customer needs.