New compact, powered load moving skate with 24-tonne load capacity complements the HTS POWER-Skate model range | HTS | the load moving experts
POWER-Skate XL PSX 12-24

New compact, powered load moving skate with 24-tonne load capacity comple­ments the HTS POWER-Skate model range

With the POWER-Skate load moving skates, machines and other parts can flexibly and location indepen­dantly be moved with battery operation and radio remote control.

The new POWER-Skate XL 12–24 now comple­ments the range and closes the gap between the small POWER-Skate IDEAL 5–10 with 10 tonnes total load capacity and the extra low 110 mm instal­lation height and the POWER-Skate XL 20–40, which has been available for many years, with 40 tonnes load capacity, 180 mm instal­lation height and optional lift.

On three support points, simul­ta­neous driving and steering at three speeds as well as safe positioning are possible and propor­tionally executed by one person using the one-joystick function of the remote control. Compactly built with an instal­lation height of 180 mm and powerful, digitally controlled synchronous motors and a battery life of 2.5 hours under full load, the POWER-Skate XL 12–24 is suitable for use in confined spaces due to its compact design. As no towing vehicle is required, the transport distance can be reduced by up to six metres. With only one joystick, easy steering and constant straight running is possible in all areas. If desired, an integrated lift cylinder extends the appli­cation possi­bil­ities and provides even more indepen­dence during the transport process.

Two POWER-Skate XL 12–24 load moving skates are available as DUO version and can be moved synchro­nously with a radio remote control. An ECO Skate® ROTO rotary skate can be used as a third support point.

At the bauma fair in Munich, visitors can test our POWER-Skate trolleys for themselves from 24 to 30 October 2022 in hall C4 at stand C4-653.