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5 year warranty on our ECO-Jack toe jacks

By Andreas Miehling

From 1 June 2011, all ECO-Jack machine jacks will have a five-year warranty. In this way, we would like to underline the outstanding quality of our products. The warranty condi­tions are kept quite simple: Register your ECO-Jack machine jack with the enclosed regis­tration card by post or on our website under product regis­tration. Every machine jack that has been subjected to an annual safety inspection and thus proper mainte­nance has a 5‑year warranty. Mainte­nance must be carried out either by HTS directly or by a partner autho­rised by HTS. The delivery of the products for a safety inspection is managed by the customer, the return delivery is charged at our favourable rates. Please contact us for prices and further infor­mation.