The following distinguishes the transport trolleys of the ECO-Skate BALANCE (PU) series:

  • Hydraulic load balancing
    Hydraulic load balancing of true ± 15 mm. Optimal protection against overloading of the individual wheels and the floor.
  • Pulling bar and alignment bar
    The load moving skates of the BALANCE series are delivered as standard with a pulling bar and alignment bar. Special lengths on request.
  • Sturdy alignment bars
    The two alignment bars are made of stable galvanized square tubes. Special lengths on request.
  • Combinable
    All load moving skates of the BALANCE series can be combined with each other and all ECO-Skates with the same height such as the XL, DUO XL and ROTO XL series. The total load results from the sum of the individual load capacities.
  • HTS polyurethane wheels
    The skates are equipped as standard with HTS polyurethane wheels, which can also be ordered separately.

For all areas of application in which the standard range from the standard range is insufficient, we design special solutions that are individually tailored to the customer.


B24L (PU)

Traglast (kg) 24000
Maße L x B x H (mm) 684 x 960 x 180
Deichsellänge (mm) 1500
Verstellbarkeit (mm) -
Gewicht (kg) 260

B24S (PU)

Traglast (kg) 2 x 12000
Maße L x B x H (mm) 716 x 360 x 180
Deichsellänge (mm) -
Verstellbarkeit (mm) 400 - 1940
Gewicht (kg) 220
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B24L (PU) + B24S (PU) Set

Artikelnummer 10.240.02.xx
Traglast (kg) 48000

B32L (PU)

Artikelnummer 10.320.02.50
Traglast (kg) 32000
Maße L x B x H (mm) 684 x 1182 x 180
Deichsellänge (mm) 1500
Verstellbarkeit (mm) -
Gewicht (kg) 310

B32S (PU)

Artikelnummer 10.320.02.60
Traglast (kg) 2 x 16000
Maße L x B x H (mm) 716 x 472 x 180
Deichsellänge (mm) -
Verstellbarkeit (mm) 500 - 1710
Gewicht (kg) 270
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B32L (PU) + B32S (PU) Set

Artikelnummer 10.320.02.xx
Traglast (kg) 64000