The fol­low­ing dis­tin­guish­es the rotat­ing trol­leys of the ECO-Skate ROTO (NY) series:

  • 360° rotat­able
    Opti­mal posi­tion­ing accu­ra­cy in the small­est space
  • Com­bin­able
    All Skates of the ROTO series can be com­bined with each oth­er and with trol­leys of the IDEAL or DUO series. The total load results from the sum of the indi­vid­ual load capac­i­ties.
  • HTS nylon wheels
    All Skates come stan­dard with HTS nylon wheels, which have very low rolling resis­tance. They are made of sol­id mate­r­i­al and not pro­duced by injec­tion mold­ing. As a result, they are par­tic­u­lar­ly high qual­i­ty and resis­tant to abra­sion. The very high pay­loads that result from this can nev­er be achieved with rolls of con­ven­tion­al nylon tubes. HTS nylon wheels can also be ordered sep­a­rate­ly.
  • Pulling and align­ment bars
    The load mov­ing skates of the ROTO series can be deliv­ered in the LS ver­sion with a vari­ety of pulling and align­ment bars. Spe­cial lengths on request.

For all areas of appli­ca­tion in which the stan­dard range from the stan­dard range is insuf­fi­cient, we design spe­cial solu­tions that are indi­vid­u­al­ly tai­lored to the cus­tomer needs.

RN18-G (NY)

Traglast (kg) 1800
Maße L x B x H (mm) 550 x 467 x 102
ECO-Skate ROTO RN18 (NY)

RN18 (NY)

Traglast (kg) 1800
Maße L x B x H (mm) 550 x 467 x 110
Gewicht (kg) 22