Industrial crane Minidrel B-Series

NEW — at HTS: Compact indus­trial cranes

At the beginning of 2010 we acquired the German sales for indus­trial cranes of the manufac­turer Gruni­verpal Tranchero.

Gruni­verpal mobile cranes are mainly used for internal transport of machinery and tools in company reloca­tions, machine repair and service, as well as the movement of all goods, especially when higher loads in further distances are required.

Available with electric or diesel motors, Gruni­verpal provides a standard program with the right device for every appli­cation in five different series with capac­ities from 300 kg to 25 tonnes. For electric drive cranes the battery charger is integrated on board.

From capac­ities from two tonnes and up the cranes have a signif­i­cantly higher capacity due to its special kinematics compared to other cranes available.

The compact design and small dimen­sions Gruni­verpal mobile cranes can be used optimally in confined spaces.

According to customer require­ments, there are also various acces­sories such as winches, radio remote controls, extended or swivel arm, supports or increased loads, white wheels for indoor and ultra­sonic distance measurement for all mobile cranes.

Especially for the plastics processing industry Minidrel S‑Series was developed because of the changing tools for plastic injection molding machines has specific require­ments thereof and shall always go fast. With the compactly built agile Minidrel S‑series tools can be intro­duced directly verti­cally without winch. The mast is integrated into a guide that brings the tool until very close to the machine and it can then drain into the correct position without tracking the boom. The Minidrel S‑series is available with capac­ities from 2.5 to 12 tons.